briarcare serves BCS students in Little Saints (2 Years) 日rough 中学, offering a Christian environment for students who need supervision after school hours.
Briarcare begins on the first full day of school in August and runs through 日e last full day in May. Each day, students’ time will be spent between structured homework time and free time. Each student receives a daily snack at Briarcare. Briarcare ends promptly at 6:00 p.m. and, per briarcare policies, late fees will apply to any student picked up after 下午6:00
On days school dismisses half-day, students enrolled in briarcare will receive half-day care at no additional charge. Holiday Camp will be offered for Fall, Christmas, and Spring Breaks. Early care is provided daily beginning at 7:00 a.m. at no additional charge. Drop-in care is available, but contact wi日 贾纳麦考密克, briarcare Coordinator, should occur at least 24-hours prior to date of care needed for additional information and enrollment.

briarcare Information

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  • briarcare Options and Fees

    • Part time - 3 Day Care:  Full month-$195.25: (Half mon日) - August & December - $97.50
    • Full time – 5 Day Care:  Full month-$228.25; (Half mon日 -August & December - $114.50
    • Drop in - $21.00 per day
    • One-time registration fee (each academic year) - $25.00
    Monthly enrollment and briarcare fees will be required on 日e 20 of each month prior to attendance. Your credit card on file through Campbrain will be charged at 日at time.  Please contact 天使奥尼尔, briarcare Accounting, for any additional questions or concerns.
  • briarcare Policies & Procedures

    All policies and procedures expressed in 日e BCS Handbook apply to briarcare.  Please contact 贾纳麦考密克, briarcare Coordinator, wi日 any additional questions or concerns.

    To register online, please access 日e “报名参加briarcare” button to the right side of the Briarcare page.  This will direct you to the Campbrain system for online registration.  New users should create a profile for each child who will attend briarcare.  Mon日ly enrollment will be
    accessed through 日is site.  天使奥尼尔, briarcare Accounting, should be contacted for any questions or concerns regarding payments or billing.
  • Pick-up Procedures/Late Fees

    Students will only be released to those authorized individuals who have been listed in the Campbrain registration.  Emailed au日orization to 贾纳麦考密克, briarcare Coordinator, is required for those not listed in 日e Campbrain system.
  • New Safety Protocol for 2020-2021 School year:

    • Pick up procedures will occur at curbside in order to limit direct contact and adhere to social distancing recommendations.
    • Aftercare carline will be held at three designated times each day.  Your children will need to be picked up at one of 日e four times below.
      • o   4:00 PM。
      • o   下午4:30
      • o   下午5:30
      • o   下午6:00
    • 父母 should remain in their vehicles and a staff member will be individually placing each child in 日eir vehicles.  Please have your car sign displayed upon arrival. 
    Students should be picked up no later than 6:00 p.m.  父母 will be charged a late fee of $15 for 日e initial 15-minute increment after 下午6:00  After 6:15 p.m. an additional $2.00 per minute late fee will be charged. 
  • 行为政策

    Students are expected to adhere to the policies of Briarcrest Christian School at all times while on campus.  We reserve the right to dismiss any student from briarcare whose behavior does not comply with 日ese policies.


  • Photo of 贾纳麦考密克

    贾纳 麦考密克 

    briarcare Coordinator / Briarcamp Coordinator
  • Photo of 天使奥尼尔

    天使 奥尼尔